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With AirScoot, your mobility choice is helping to support a more accessible community while respecting the environment.

Connecting through shared mobility.

Experience a new world of green transportation and innovative mobility, right at your doorstep.

Why airscoot

Our mission is to provide affordable and sustainable transport to urban communities. Most people live greater than 500 meters away from public transportation and city systems can be unreliable. Electric scooters provide an emissions free option for transportation at your doorstep.

We cater to the locals. Our daily and monthly subscription options keep our electric scooters affordable, unlike those that charge per the minute, so you can run your errands without running out the clock.


miles 60km

per charge

m/h 26 km/h

Max Speed


Tire Size


Hill Climb


At Airscoot, we strive to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission directly relates to SDG #11, Target 2: to provide affordable and sustainable mobility and indirectly relates to SDG #13: decreasing fossil fuel use.